Email Counselling

Writing can often be therapeutic in itself. Our email service offers you an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings to a professional counsellor. You may want to have help with one particular issue, or use this method of communication to form an ongoing counselling relationship through the email service.

For some, emailing is the first step towards telephone or face to face counselling, whilst others choose to continue sending and receiving mails. It is up to you, and again, something you might like to speak with your counsellor about. If you choose to continue with the email facility to resolve your particular problem or difficulty, you will continue to work with the same counsellor, unless you choose otherwise.

How The Service Works

Once you have completed the online payment, you will be given an email address with which to send your email to. You may write up to 750 words. It is a good idea to tell us a little back ground about yourself and the difficulty you are writing about. Consider what you hope to gain from the counsellor’s reply.

You might like to include what has prompted you to write now, how long you have had the difficulty and whether you have sought help in the past. A therapist will then reply via email, helping clarify your difficulty and offering some suggestions of how you might move forward. If you encounter any problems during this process, you can either call us on 01793 339482, or via our contact pages.

You have helped me see things from another angle.

CPC Client

Email Counselling Payment Options

We support the following methods of payment:

  • Via our website use the payment buttons below
  • Online banking - please contact us for account details

Online Payment

Your consultation with our professional counsellor or psychosexual therapist costs £40. This includes one reply which will be around 250 to 450 words.

Email counselling service

One email and One reply

Please note, this charges include a £2 PayPal service charge. If you wish to avoid this additional fee, you can pay directly through your own personal online banking (see below for details).

Note: Once you have successfully completed payment, it is important that you click the orange ‘Return to CP Counselling’ button on the conformation pages of the PayPal site to review further instructions of how to continue.

Online Banking

If you wish to pay through an online transaction via your own personal online banking, please email for the C P Counselling bank details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click HERE to read our FAQs. If you have a specific question that isn’t in our list, please feel free to Contact Us.


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, there are several ways to contact us.

  • Park House, Church Place, Swindon, SN1 5ED
  • Office: 01793 339 482
  • Mob: 07971 627478 (Annie Law)
  • Mob: 07714 393436 (Liz Copestake)